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Tópico: Embaixada Francesa

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    In France ? We have a Diplomatic Corps and there is a formation (Diplomatic Service) that lasts one week.

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    Senior Member Avatar de Volkofff
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    Feb 2011
    yes, in france

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    New government :

    President : Bill Silverlight

    Vice presidents : Nicolas Bonaparte & ZeMaKubeX

    MoFa : J35000 & Trico
    Assistants : MrGreens, Plutarch38

    MoD : KaDet27 & Evoh
    Assistants : frotman, Leonard Beaubaton Chatelain

    MoE : Gauthier80 and his team

    MoF : misterdo & Bahamut66
    Assistants : Visa Von Nouris, Hans_95, Omar dz

    MoI : Gregdab & AreVerno
    Assistant : The Number 42

    MoS : Alexandrin

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    Goverment of August :
    CP : Hideyoshi Nicolas (me)

    vCP : Benjiparis
    Conseiller : niceone30

    MoD : Kannebankai
    vMoD : Gibus69 & Akhonous & Sgt.Mad

    MoFA : N.oName
    vMoFA : Miti16 & Lemni

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    Senior Member Avatar de Adilson Rossi
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    May 2011
    Primeiro de Maio Paraná
    Nicolas Bonaparte
    Adilson Rossi
    Conde de Florianópolis
    Ex Duque de Santa Catarina
    Ex Conde de Curitiba

    Quase todos os homens são capazes de suportar adversidades, mas se quiser por à prova o caráter de um homem, dê-lhe poder.
    Abraham Lincoln

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    Any problem with me ?

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    Beginner Member Avatar de Emerodh
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    Oct 2015
    Hi foreign friends !
    I'm the new french ambassador in Brazil, and I'm very happy about it, pleased to serve my country in yours !

    I know it's maybe a bit late but whatever, there is the actual eFrench governement :

    CP - kannebankai
    vCP - ZeMaKubeX

    MoD - Akhonous
    Councillors - Gibus69 and Paul Lago
    Assistant - 13139

    MoFA - gigilatrik
    Councillor - benjiparis
    Assisant - Ghis8
    Embassies coordinator - Emerodh

    MoF (Governor) - Gauthier80
    Assistant - sergevictor

    MoE - Carapicho11

    To conclude, I want to inform you that the french diplomacy has recently been rebooted and I am excited in having contact with another community.
    And by the way, nice landing in Italy !

    Kind regards, Emerodh !

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    Beginner Member Avatar de Emerodh
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    Oct 2015
    Hi ! I'm back to communicate our new government !
    If anyone wants to know what is going on in France, we are discussing a TW with the UK to close the war and very happy about our alliance, Orion which came back to live with an high participation from France and a french staff !

    November 2015 eFrench government

    CP - Creon Mista
    vCP - HeavenJere and Ledaig

    MoFA - Carapicho and Niceone30
    Assisants - Trakanis and MAmine
    Embassies coordinator - Emerodh

    MoD - Niceone30
    Councillor - kannebankai
    Assistants - frotman and Paul Lago

    MoF (Governor) - Etonip
    Assistant - Emerodh

    MoE - Carapicho
    Assistants - Ghis8 and Gauthier80 and Marzog and Lastec356

    Some of them have multiple roles because of their experience and skills but we are somehow experiencing a struggle when it comes to building a goverment, in terms of active players and/or experience.
    How it is from your side ?

    Kind regards, Emerodh !
    Última edição por Emerodh; 14/11/2015 às 06:42.

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    Beginner Member Avatar de Emerodh
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    Oct 2015
    EDIT : Although today is a pretty sad day, I wanted to actualize our government composition with arrivals (MoF assistant/MoE Assistant/MoD Councillor.

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