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Tópico: Embassy of the eUNL

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    Mark Decius

    Embassy of the eUNL

    Good day my friends!

    I am Mark Decius, I am your ambassador for the United Netherlands (eUNL). The minister of foreign affairs in the eUNL: Smook McSmok appointed me to be eUNL-representative in Brazil, thus would you have any questions or remarks on our country, feel free to ask me .

    The United Netherlands are the result of a peaceful merger between Belgium and the Netherlands. Currently the eUNL is stricken by a successful resistance-war in Flanders, a combined EDEN force 'liberated' the least inhabited former Belgian region, and took over congress there. This against the will of most Belgian players, as the Belgian party(a Pro-Union party) and even the MIB (the independence party) disapprove of this action.

    Well, being the ambassador for your country I must admit that my Portuguese is really bad, and I hope you don't mind I speak english.

    Thank you for reading,

    Your ambassador from the eUNL
    Mark Decius

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    Mark Decius

    Re: Embassy of the eUNL

    I present to you, our government:

    Prime minister : Olv007
    Recruitement and coaching : Busorik
    State companies & Goldmarket : Cocoamok
    Raws : Shrubbery
    Finances : Boklevski
    Foreign affairs : Smook McSmok
    Defense : AndreasIsaksson
    Home Affairs : Theneka
    Media & Health : Perry Rhodan
    High commissionner in charge of Belgian affairs : DanielB1989
    Governement advisers : ThomasRED and Dionysus
    The program:

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    Mark Decius

    Re: Embassy of the eUNL

    Our president "ArtemIvanov" is currently being impeached. This is a regulated operation, as ArtemIvanov stranded upon some real-life problems that needed to be dealt with first.

    ThomasRed will be his replacement.

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