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Tópico: Peace with your nation

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    Janko Maric Jr

    Peace with your nation

    As some of you already know, I am the ambassador of eBosnia and Herzegovina to your admirable eNation. You probably noticed that (unfortunately) our two countries are in war. The reason for that is our MPP (Mutual protection pact) with eUSA, that we signed before this eWorld War started.

    The goal of this MPP was to get eBosnia into training war between eIreland and eUSA, and eUSA government was kind enough to let us participate. However, our policy is neutrality (as it has always been) and we have no desire to participate in this war. We were passive member of ex Atlantis, and we refused EDEN membership, even if most believe we are part of it - we are not.

    During this MPP with the States we considered this war in eUSA as training war as well, but we are aware that - for those involved it is not and our intentions could be misinterpreted . Now that the MPP has expired we would like to make peace between us and PEACE GC nations, especially yours.
    I hope you will understand our position and accept our peace offer when it comes: our president should propose it soon enough Smile

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you for your time.

    Janko Maric Jr ambassador of eBIH on eBrazil

    P.S. sorry if i miss topic and board but i dont understand portugese

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    Re: Peace with your nation

    Wellcome Janko Maric!

    eBosnia and H. too

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