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    eSingapore Embassy

    """Greetings from Singapore! Just a quick message inviting you to send an Ambassador to eSingapore for this term. Feel free to friend our government members and subscribe to our papers. We'll be doing the same for you. Singapore is the best place in the eWorld to live, so if you get bored you can always move here as well :P Looking forward to getting to know you all and your country.

    You'll find our embassy section here:

    Would it be possible for you to post us links to your cabinet ministers citizen profiles, your government papers, and some of your prominent citizens newspapers as well? We're looking for a lot of friends and subscriptions

    President: Tommy Aquinas
    Vice President: Bruce Winch
    Finance: Assiel
    Foreign Affairs: Silent_Hero and Tommy Aquinas
    Defence: Kryteshyft
    Commanding Officer: Bruce Winch
    Commanding Officer: Thedark Ace
    Security: Tortea
    Community: Logan Dunleavy""

    Government Newspapers:

    Citizen newspapers:

    Tommy Aquinas:
    Elianna Zamir:

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    Re:eSingapore Embassy


    Any doubts, ask.

    Ryan Cullen,
    MoFA of Brazil

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    Re: eSingapore Embassy


    I am Ankor Jael , the new eSingapore MoFa for TERRA and LUNA countries, which means that i am also in charge of the Brazilian ambassy.

    You can find below our new gouvernment for july :

    President : Bogdan Armand Sibrand
    vice President: Thedark ace
    Minister of Defense: logan Dunleavy
    Minister of Finance: CarballoCQ
    Minister of Security: alimilano
    Minister of Immigration: Thedark ace (assistant : iwalkalone)
    MoFA in charge of ONE countries : DaroslaV
    MoFA in charge of ABC and neutral countries : ivan europe
    MoFA in charge of Terra and LUNA countries : Ankor Jael
    MoFA in charge of EDEN countries : Madalin Mastertrap
    Minister of Culture: Sean.L (assistant : Flavio Net)

    In some words, Singapore is a neutral and peaceful country which wishes to have good and friendly relations towards all nations. Nevertheless, we are not completely inactive (military aspect), we also help some of our friends in some of their conflicts.

    If you have any questions or just need something to say, you can send me a PM (IG is better : Ankor Jael) or visit us on our official chat rooms #esingapore.

    See ja !

    Ankor Jael

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    Re: eSingapore Embassy

    Welcome o/, I can say the same to u! Any questions, just ask!

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    Re: eSingapore Embassy

    “Maybe, just maybe, there is no purpose in life… but if you linger a while longer in this world, you might discover something of value in it.”

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    Re: eSingapore Embassy


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    Re: eSingapore Embassy

    Hi, i am Singapore latest ambassador! Here's our newest update!

    President : Ankor Jael
    Vice-President : arca7
    Advisor : Alimilano
    Chief Minister of Foreign Affairs : Madalin Mastertrap
    MoFA ONE : DaroslaV
    MoFA Terra and LUNA : iwalkalone
    MoFA EDEN : Madalin Mastertrap
    Minister of Defense : DaroslaV
    Minister of Finance : CarballoCQ
    Minister of Security and Immigration : Leonard_de_Vinci
    Deputy minister of Security and Immigration : Yzy888yzY
    Minister of Culture and demography : Nikola Prostran
    Minister of Public Communication and Media : Thomas Denzel
    Minister of Lulz : Thomas Denzel

    Feel free to ask me any questions or visit us at our IRC channel #eSingapore or #eSG.FA

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