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Tópico: Embassy of the eUK

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    Embassy of the eUK

    Hello, I am Lxbrtldisaad, UK ambassador to Brazil.

    I am Under Minster of Trade and would very much like closer relations between our two nations.

    Our Government consists of:

    Country President: Sara.Droz
    Vice President; rastari

    Supreme Commander: HexXA
    Royal Guard CO: Horrice Fossil

    Corps Transfer Ministers: thehorseltd (military), Hoth (finance). Indiekid

    Minister of Finance: Arthur Wellesley

    Minister of Foreign Affairs: intrepid132 (passed by HoC)
    uMoFa: Tommy Tommassino

    Minister of Information and Education: Scipio the Great

    Minister of Home Affairs: Lordjustice
    uMoHa Jan Bakayara

    Minister of Trade: count drakula

    Ministry of Migration and support: Abolished by law

    Minister of Health (Corps fade in): Indiekid

    Minister of Work: The Unforgettable John Forsetti

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    alex lawrence

    Re: Embassy of the eUK

    Let's see if we can revive this embassy.

    Hello, I am Alex Lawrence, your new ambassador from the United Kingdom. Since the last time this thread was active, the UK has switched from being an enemy to an ally of Brazil, and I hope to use these better circumstances to further improve our relations.

    I am an apprentice in the Ministry of Trade, and this is my newspaper. Please read it should you ever want to know what's happening in the UK or if you want to see any public statements I make to Brazil at large:

    Our Government consists of:

    Country President: Mr Woldy

    Minister of Finance: DilltheDog

    Minister of Foreign Affairs: Lord Rhindon

    Minister of Defense: R. R. Napier

    Minister of Home Affairs: Nice Guy Eddie

    Minister of Trade: Draaglom

    Gifting Director: Indiekid

    Minister of Work: Joachim von Bremen

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