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    BiH Embassy


    I'm here as an ambassador of eBosnia and Herzegovina. We have decided to reopen embassies in order to keep in touch with our fellow countries, and to update you with correct information about events in our country. If you have any questions about us and our work, feel free to ask.

    Now, allow me to represent current government of eBosnia and Hercegovina, starting with March 6th, 2010:[/size]

    [center]President - kenan008

    Prime minister - Enida

    MoD (Minister of Defence) - ACO_BRACO

    Minister of Economy - Emir Ribic

    Minister of Education - mobster1930 & Cyboss

    Minister of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) - Sirbeg & iGoogle

    Minister of Social Care - buzga & ElectraBiH
    Minister of Informations - Admir M[/center]
    [size=16]Frequently asked questions:[/size]

    [size=15]Q: Whats up with eBosnia?
    A: eBosnia is one of smaller EDEN members, with active population of 300 players, more or less. It has one high grain resource region, and 4 regions in total. It is located between eSerbia and eCroatia (no other borders).

    Q: How come in some battles you do more damage for PHOENIX/PEACE then for EDEN?
    A: That's a bit complicated, but short version would be: a lot of players from eSerbia (and Serbs in general) have eBosnian citizenship. Some of them are even members of eSerbian elite army units (that explains huge damage output).
    They do not recognize our EDEN membership, in fact they try to increase their numbers and get more citizenship in an effort to gain political control over the country. Once, their congressmen blocked our MPPs with EDEN members, and the battle for congress repeats every month between eSerbian and other parties.
    I guess it is to be expected, since eSerbia has large population that needs to entertain itself. But, official military of eBosnia is always fighting for EDEN.

    Q: I want to contact your officials, I need your forum/chat links.
    A: You can find community forum here. Come and say "hi" or even open Embassy of your country. Also for chat rooms, public national chat is on Rizon, room #erepublik.ebih.

    If you have any more questions about eB&H or something from the Foreign Affairs and The Council of Ambassadors eB&H, just ask at #acouncil.

    I wish all the best to your eNation and see you soon

    *nick of the ambassador*
    Ambassador of eB&H
    B&H Foreign Office
    eBosnia and Herzegovina[/size]

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    Mar 2010

    Re:BiH Embassy


    Welcome to Brazil.

    Im Rnine (Aritex), a Foreign Ambassador Host from ABAI (Brazilian Agency for Internacional Affairs), if you have some doubts just ask me and i will do my best to help you (

    The Brazilian government consists of the following members:

    President - Reshev Villanova
    MoD (Minister of Defence) - Henrique Andrade and dinossauro
    Minister of Economy - Sulejmani / Sucre, Megaduck, Diego Franco and Lazarus
    Minister of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) - Ryan Cullen
    Minister of Social Care - valdyjunior, Nillhein, AS and Thiago Santiago
    Minister of Labor - ItsMeYoshi, nuutxer, makakinha007, danielb7 and matheusbauer
    Minister of Communicatons - Pitanguinha and nuutxer
    Minister of Inteligency - junecaz

    * Font: President Newspapper:

    Welcome to eBrazil,

    Rnine (Aritex)

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    Ex-Presidente do Brasil Avatar de Ryan Cullen
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    Aug 2009
    Forgotten Realms

    Re:BiH Embassy


    Any doubt, ask.

    Best regards,

    Ryan Cullen
    MoFA of Brazil

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    May 2009

    Re:BiH Embassy

    as far as i know BiH is TOed by EDEN since it was created, and us PHX, are always fighting to free it, just look the number of IRL americans and romanians with BiH citizenship pffttt
    “Maybe, just maybe, there is no purpose in life… but if you linger a while longer in this world, you might discover something of value in it.”

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