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Tópico: Ukrainian Embassy

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    Jun 2016

    Lightbulb Ukrainian Embassy

    Hello, eBrazil. I was chosen as eUkraine's ambassador.
    I hope to get a heartily cooperation between eBrazil and eUkraine for future's well being.

    Here's the list of our current government:

    President: Dexter Morgan

    Minister of Defence: Puzlk
    Minister of Foreign Affairs: Mr. Artem Mihaylov
    Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs: Oles Kurivchak

    Governor: Generalissimo Meow
    Minister of Education: MortuusSpongia

    Ever heard of eDays of eBrazil in eUkraine (now that's what I call "lots of "e" prefixes")? I guess not. But don't worry, that's exactly what we're gonna do. Or so I believe. eDays will include a bunch of articles about RL culture and traditions, some interviews about your country ingame and a quiz.
    Apart from that, my course of action is setting up diplomatic relations between our countries. Wouldn't that be awesome?

    If you have something to discuss, you can find me on Rizon IRC. Nick HurtMeMore. Our official channels are scarce and rare-visited (Mostly we use Skype). But hey, you can always take a look. #eukraine #uamofa on Rizon.
    A bit of eUkrainian community can be found on #FAS channel (Mibbit server).

    eUkraine's prime minister
    Ukrainian Ambassador in eBrazil

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    Nov 2014
    Hi HurtMeMore, welcome to our community!

    It's a pleasure to make this cultural exchange between our countrys and make this effort to grow our community!

    I'm in touch with Mr.Artem Mihaylov but all help you need, our entire country will be glad and open to help.

    Please keep in touch with us, we are pleasure to make this support.

    Brazilian's MoE

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    Mar 2016
    Lima - Peru
    Hi HurtMeMore!

    Welcome to Brazil. I hope your stay is enjoyable and that we can improve our diplomatic ties.

    If you need anything I am at your order.

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